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Dear Readers and Potential Clients

Jo-Ann is away from the computer at this time, this is her keyboard... She is probably out taking photos of someone right now and that's why she couldn't write her bio for you to read. I know some things about her because she is usually here when shes not someplace else. ill just let you in on some secrets, don't tell her you heard it from me.

Her favorite food is chocolate, believe me I know all about sticky fingers. She usually has a green tea close by as well, but its usually cold by the time she drinks it, I think she likes it like that though.

Jo-Ann has been known to work through the day at the PC in her pajamas, I mean who does that right, seriously and they have pink bunnies on them, weird? She has a very large family, 3.5 kids I said .5 because if it isn't a baby on the way then she swallowed a basket ball recently. Her 3 kids are pretty grown up sometimes they sneak into the office to steal paper and supplies they think she wont notice missing, one of them is known to thief all the scissors.

5 x 7 Jo Feb 2013 DSC_9868

There is this awesome guy Marke, hes her husband, he plays video games with me so I finally get a break from editing all the time. Jo-Ann is always txting him... they are "in love" they are going to be those old people that kiss in public and hold hands, I think their kids already think they are those old people.

Oh you probably wanted to know about her work, she loves what she does, I know this because she is always happy to work on her files. She has a degree in Photography from Western Academy which is also a world renowned local (victoria, bc) school for photography, I looked it up online that's how i know she qualified. Ive seen lots of her photos she works with all kinds of people young old, locals, family famous like old uncle Jed and locally famous like Elizabeth May. She works with businesses for Advertising and Architecture, and you've probably seen some of her work in magazines or on advertisements around town. She is locally well known for her work in the Seaside Magazine. She also does Art photography, Fashion, Pets, Families, Weddings, Products and more.

I am sure she would love to hear from you, shes the kind of person people feel comfortable around, and likes getting to know and meet new people. Call her up and go for tea to discuss your project with her.

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